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New here

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i am frank 60 years old and i own a couple off ducatie but i am also a bmw fan.

just did buy me a nine t racer 2018 in good condition and i like the bike very much

But i do not like the fairing.

Is there a way to remove it and mount a normal headlight

grt Frank
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Welcome Frank - sounds like you have quite a collection (y)

Any photos?
Have 4 duc and one bmw

900 ss bj 91,900 ss bj 92,monster sr4,749
no pictures yet
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Hello Frank from Massachusetts USA.
Pics Please
Hallo Frank!!

The Dutch contingent is getting bigger by the week!!!

Joe ar ferie welkom from Holland!

Hi from another Racer owner in Scotland

I love it too
my ducati and bmw


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Congratulations on your Racer and welcome to the forum!

I believe a few forum members have deleted the fairing and windshield from their Racers I suggest searching the forum using terms like Racer conversion.

I just did a search and found this thread, and I think it's just what you're looking for. There are probably a couple other threads with the same information, but check this one out.
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my bmw nine t racer


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Welcome! I rode a friends' Ducati 848 Evo a few times. Fun bike, but after half an hour on it felt like my ass had been through a spanking machine.
Very nice motorcycles. Congratulations and welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum! Nice motorcycle collection!
Welcome aboard the Crazy Train from rainy Florida.
Hello Frank.

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome from Texas, Howdy …………… StayUpOn2 ……………. BeWell …………….. CheersMate …………….. Blitz
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