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New in Maine

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I tried posting this when registering but nothing showed up here. Ignore the other two posts if there is a delay. I've been watching the board since putting my deposit down at my Maine dealer and enjoying all the info and shared anticipation found here. Dealer thinks as the second in line that I should get mine in April. I am new to BMW though my lust is much older.
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The sad part of your wait is that you could actually ride yours. My road is covered in about 3 inches of ice. I'll be looking at mine for a month before it's nice enough to fully enjoy.
Twhalen - No doubt on the ride. I haven't ridden much in the past 5 years so I'll be practicing for the first month or so.
I'm thinking about renting a covered Uhaul cycle trailer, and driving down south for a couple weeks. Seriously, I'm sick of this weather, and I live in Indiana, not Maine! Thank god for remote access to work. Assume I will take delivery of sort this week, but you know what a.s.s.u.m.e spells.
Mother nature owes us a warm summer with no weekend rain
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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