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New(ish) Member in Canada

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Bought the bike in 2018, and promptly went back to the Arctic for work. Didn't take the northern contract this summer, so I'll finally be around to ride, and subsequently participate here some more.

No major modifications yet. Hepco & Becker crash bars, Wunderlich oil cooler guard, Unit Garage saddlebags, and Evotech engine guard (arriving soon, hopefully). Just finished a four day road trip and found the headlight to really be lacking. Only time since buying the bike that I missed my old ZX6r. I guess that's the next upgrade on the list.

Stay safe!
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Welcome Peanut, Howdy from Texas ……. Blitz
Congrats on the bike! What did you did you end up buying? I'm in North Van. Might head over to the island today.

Where is that mine located? We do some work for the Hope Bay mine, and Sabina mine. Both in Bathurst Inlet.
Not that far north as you have been, the mine was about 300km north of Yellowknife, only accessible by winter road or plane.
I miss North Van, used to have a condo on Lonsdale and Keith.

Just got my r9t home, amazing bike.
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Late to the party, but welcome mate! :)
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