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Just finishing my purchase process for a 2015 r nine t, next week I'll finish the buy. Can't wait!

Regular color model, black one.

I have a few questions, maybe someone can help.

So, maintenance wise: bike was serviced in bmw until it reached around 37000 km. A total of 6 interventions, first one at 1000 km and then one each year, last one in 2020, with 37000 km. Since then, it was sold and the current owner barely road it, having now 39000 km.

My plan is to get it serviced (current owner claims to have made only one intervention during these last years), do you know if it will be a single oil and filtres exchange or if a more complete service will be required? Obviously disregarding wear material like brake pads and so.

Question 2: would really like to mount a rear side plate holder. By doing that, what are the available solutions for the stop light and side indicators?

Thanks in advance!
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Congratulations on your R9T and welcome to the forum! :)

Do the seller provide a maintenance history, or are you able to get a copy of the service records from the BMW shop where the work was performed? If the bike has been serviced according to BMW's recommendations as listed in the owner's manual, I would recommend just taking up where they left off. That might mean just an oil and filter change, or perhaps more, depending on what it listed as services needed at the next interval.

If you did not get (or cannot get) a detailed service history, I would think about changing all fluids, including the brakes and the forks. Check the brake pads and the date codes on the tires, too. Unless the tread and sidewalls are in great condition, if the tires are over 6-7 years old I would replace them.

Good luck with the new bike and please post a couple photos of it when you have time!
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