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Hi all, recently found my perfect bike, a 2018 black R9T Scrambler with cross spoked wheels and a full Akro exhaust.

Just wanted to say hi to the community.
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Welcome to the forum from Massachusetts USA.
Pics Please
Scrambler riders unite!!! Welcome and tell us about yourself and post some pics.
Welcome from Texas. I hope we can help you master your new bike and the questions that will arise. BeWell and StayUpOn2 ………………… Blitz
A warm welcome from south west France.
Hello @nickcdart

Welcome to the forum.
Welcome, that's a great bike. You have a lot of fun with that.
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Congrats on your Scrambler and welcome to the forum! :)

It would be great if you posted a photo of your sweet new R9T here. We never get tired of seeing them!
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Posted some pics in the gallery. Thanks all.
Hello nickcdart and welcome to the forum from North Yorkshire.
Hi and welcome. Nice bike.
Hi and welcome to the forum. 👋
Welcome and enjoy the ride both on th forum and on your bike!
Greetings and salutations from Washington!
Late to the party, but welcome mate! :)
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