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nineT design inspired merchandise

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Just saw this camera styled after Vespa design;

Vespa styled camera

This got me thinking; what do you think would be appropriate for merchandise styled after nineT design. Harley have cruiser water taps and radios, (along with just about everything else possible), so what should BMW produce?

An airhead radio, a toaster that looks like the tank . . what is your wish? :confused:
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They have already teamed up with Belstaff to make a line of clothing. Non-MC stuff has no appeal to me but I am looking forward to what the aftermarket will produce for the bike. I am looking at an led solution for that tail light monstrosity. I am also getting the hump and some flexible led arrays seem promising. The tinkering is the most fun you can have with the bike when not riding it. Based on the weather here I shall have some time for tinkering.
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