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NineT needs a bikini fairing

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Check it out from Dime City...

fits standard 7" headlights, should bolt up just right on NineT. Now just have to figure how to improve that bolt upright riding position... probabaly slide the rearsets back a touch, eliminate the passengers. Maybe some clip ons... I really can't stand the riding position...

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I am sure that many will come up with some sort of solution for this issue. I'm not sure I'm happy about that but considering the fact that their own tank bag and tail bag sort of don't "go" with the look at the bike (IMHO, of course), I guess it really doesn't matter
that won't be to MY taste, either
i want this bike to be my cruiser
i have a bike for carrying people
i have a bike for long-distance travel
this bike is to cruise into the countryside... and have the time of my life
but... just like harleys i'm glad that folks can customize this bike to their heart's content.

just remember to show us all of your creations here, please
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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