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As of 5 November 2021, members require 10 posts on their account before they can participate in the Marketplace, This is an anti-scam measure

Additionally if you are a newly-joined member, you will also have to wait 10 days before you can post, even if you have reached the 10 post threshold. We suggest you please use that time to familiarise yourself with the selling guidelines to prevent any issues when it comes to getting involved here.

These rules are now monitored by a new automated system so there may be teething problems. Members are advised to disregard posts from members with less than 10 posts (or who joined less than 10 days ago) and report the issue. We need to make sure the automated rule is working ok (protects members) so you help is important.

Posting for sale threads in this section is for parts that are specifically for the NineT.
Riding gear and other non NineT specific parts go in the Other section of the Market place. If it bolts, plugs into or is somehow attached onto the NineT it belongs here.

Please be aware that the Marketplace forum section is purely a place to enable forum members to place or respond to adverts, and that beyond this the Forum (Moderators or Verticalscope) will take no responsibility for ANY issues surrounding the sale or negotiations. If a sale goes wrong it is up to the buyer/seller to work it out between them, or to contact the payment agency (be it PayPal, your bank or similar) to resolve any issues. In other words Members use this Marketplace service at their own risk, and it is strongly recommended that members take sensible precautions before buying or selling anything.

Recently forums are seeing increased scamming activity, sadly including our own. Please note the following basic pointers before using the marketplace:

1. We advise you do not transact without protections in place! Different payment options may limit your payment protection, choose wisely.

2. Use a payment service (e.g. PayPal) that has purchase protection. For very expensive items be extra cautious - perhaps an escrow service should be considered.

3. Terms like 'Friends and Family' are a warning that NO payment protection exists. Do so at your own risk.

4. We strongly advise you avoid transactions with new members with no history and "family or friend of friend" offers.

5. Lastly (but not leastly) If you do not fully understand the payment method you're being asked to use; stop and do not proceed until you do. Research is the key here, and do not proceed with the transaction if you are still not comfortable with the payment method.


Ok now that's out of the way, can the Mod team firstly make a suggestion. If you have multiple items to sell (say more than two) can you please consider posting each item separately. This avoids a lot of confusion as to what is sold, and what remains. Its in your best interests to make things as simple and easy to read as possible. Clear adverts = more chance of selling!

So when you get things underway and start placing your advert, you first of all need to create a new post and select the appropriate tag (tags are a relatively new feature).

After you click to create a new post there is an arrow which you click on (circled)...


You'll then see the For Sale tag amongst the options.


The post title should be clear and have your country in brackets (this is a global forum)

Next, please include location, shipping information, price and some photos in your first post.

You must be selling something that is yours, not for someone else or a deal you found online. No links to Craigslist or Ebay, etc. If you have multiple items of the same thing, you need to become a vendor to sell your stuff.

If you have a suggestion for the seller and their sale, please PM them and keep it out of the thread.

SPAM posts for businesses will be deleted and the user banned.

Please don't post up your opinion about the item or the price. If you have a different idea how much an item should cost, DON'T POST IT, use PM's. Join a thread in the appropriate section if you want to discuss a product or hear peoples experience with a product. The seller is welcome to post all they want in their thread, but unless you're a prospective buyer with a question for the seller then please refrain from posting in any Market Place threads.

In other words, only posts DIRECTLY related to the sale will be allowed.

After your item sells please post up that it sold or hit the Report button in the bottom left corner of your original post and ask a mod to change the title to SOLD. Yes, that button is generally used for Reporting questionable posts, use it anyways please, it makes things easier for us to keep the Marketplace thread titles up to date without having to constantly read every ad, we like to have time to ride too!

Threads marked sold will be closed. You can mark the thread as sold by simply changing the tag or just post in the thread that the item has sold.

Posts that do not meet guidelines may be deleted or moved at Moderator's discretion with no notice given to the poster. We do not have time to point out each failed ad or reply, so if your entry vanishes check the rules before re-posting.

Let's keep it kind and just about the sale. 👼

Happy buying and selling!
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