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First 15 BMW R Nine T Owner's Contest!

Contest will open Friday, April.11th, 2014

* Submissions are to be made in this thread only.
** Thread will be open only for viewing until the contest start.
*** Submissions can be made Friday, April.11th, 2014 12:00AM EST.

The first 15 Owners to do the following

1) Post your location (Example. Fontana Dam, North Carolina)

2) Post at least 3 photos of your actual BMW R Nine T

3) Write a brief or lengthy review covering the following topics
  • First impression:
  • Ergonomics:
  • Ride & Handling:
  • Quality:
  • Pros & Cons:
  • Recommendation: [Yes/No & Why?]

*Winners will be announced and featured on our home page


Each Winning Member will receive the following Items

[1] Lifetime Premium Membership
[1] Shirt
[1] Sticker


  • Photos submitted must be your own bike
  • 1 submission and entry per member
  • Contest open to members of all regions
  • No plagerized content
  • Member must have at least 20 posts to participate (No spam posts))
  • 1 shirt, 1 sticker and 1 lifetime premium membership per winning member
  • Limited quanities and supplies
  • Contest Ends Wednesday, April 30th, 2014 11:59PM EST.

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Finally got mine..


I fell in love when I first saw the R9T in October last year. I've never done such a thing, but I called up my local dealer and put a deposit down straight away.

I've been following this forum ever since, although I only signed up recently. I read from afar as other member started getting their bikes, yet I hadn't heard a peep. I kept bugging my salesperson, until finally, in March, I got my email with a VIN. She was born on March 5th, a day before my own birthday! What a nice present from our friends in Berlin!

I went straight down to the registry and ordered my vanity plate - NINET. Now it was a race between our local license plate makers and the boat from Germany, to see which would arrive first. It was a virtual tie, with my notification letter arriving in the mail the Monday after I got my estimated arrival date- the following Friday.

I live in the suburbs outside Boston and spend a lot of time in Maine and NH, and all over the seaboard. There is a lot of pretty riding along the ocean, and in the mountains and lakes of New England. (once you get outside the city..)

Here are a couple of pictures of me on the bike. Not very glamorous, as they were taking with a cell phone in the dealer's lot when I picked it up. I will have more scenic in locales soon enough!

(you can see my super tenere in the background)

First Impressions: The bike really does look better in person than in the promotional pictures. Fit and finish is excellent, and it's a **** sexy bike. When I was waiting for them to pull it out of the showroom, there was a constant stream of people checking it out and asking about it. No one seemed aware of what it was. It was a little smaller than I expected, appearing even smaller than the R1200R.

Ergonomics: I'm a big, tall guy, so take these with a grain of salt. The bike seems very low to the ground, probably because I'm used to riding my GSA and Super Tenere. The bars are forward and low, resulting in a little bit of a hunch over the tank. It's not uncomfortable though, based on my short drives so far. The seat did bite into my ass-bones a little. Not sure if that's the fault of the seat or my anatomy, though. I'll explore other seat options when they become available. I think the walmart pad, or even the airhawk, might be a sin to put on this bike.

Handling: Awesome. This bike is fun. It turns in very quickly, like a sport bike. Suspension is firm but not too firm. I found myself looking for curvy roads and throwing the bike into the corners, and darting side to side because it seemed to beg for it. Very sharp response.

Quality: The fit and finish on the bike are excellent. Everything looks well constructed and esthetically pleasing. The pipe looks and sounds great, too. The switchgear is probably the only thing on the bike that I noticed that didn't look first rate.

Pros/Cons: One thing that became immediately apparent to me was the lack of fairing. Even at low (40-50mph) speeds, there was a ton of wind buffeting. A small fairing would probably help, but it would probably also screw up the looks if it was big enough to function well. Intended use would probably dictate whether to install one or not. The handling, sound, and torque of the motor are a massive pro. The bike just exudes fun. It's not the most practical thing, but it definitely has it's place, and when you're in that place, you'll have a smile on your face! A potential con might be it's size.. if you're a very tall person, you might find hunching over the tank uncomfortable.

Recommend? I'd say for an around town, or back roads cruising bike, it's a perfect fit. I wouldn't recommend it for an interstate cruiser but for short hops it's OK. If you want something sexy, fun, and built on a solid platform, I'd give it two thumbs up!

If you see me cruising around new england, feel free to say hello!

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funny thing is..

I was expecting the dealer to call the day before I went up there to let me know it was in, but since he hadn't, I decided to take one of my other bikes out for a ride..

I was in the area of the dealership so I figured I'd drop in on him.. and there it was! one of the bikes in the background is mine! I'm still mad at myself that I didn't take the truck so I didn't have to make another trip to bring it home..

Some day I need to learn how to drive two bikes at once...

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Saanich, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.

First impression: WOW this looks even much better than the pictures I had seen.

Ergonomics: Well I'm six foot and easily 250 pounds but this bike fits me great. After adjusting the rear suspension and mirrors everything else just fits.

Ride & Handling: I am an old, conservative and careful rider so this bike exceeds my demands. I find it very confortable and forgiving even on the twist rough roads around home.

Quality: I'm impressed with the fit and finish. This bike attracts gawkers like nothing else I've ever owned and the comments most often heard are how well this bike is put together.

Pros & Cons: I find this bike the "funnest" bike I've ever owned and I've had dozens since my first in 1969. As for Cons: Waiting since November 2013 (the dealer could not release the bike until after March 21st. 2014). The price is high but so is the rarity and quality of this machine. I expect factory and after market accessories to also be high in cost too.

Recommendation: There may not be much hope for unspoken for 2014 R nineT's left at dealerships but I would tell anyone who likes the idea of owning one don't delay but get their name on the list right away. My bike was shown to prospective buyers and helped sell the remaining two that my dealer will receive this year.



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Tom Whalen
Portland, Maine USA

First impression

The R NineT is truly a machine that must be seen to be fully appreciated. The overall fit, finish, function, and style of this bike come together to make this a piece of artwork on two wheels. At first glance the nineT is relatively small in stature. Throw your leg over this bike and the girth of the engine comes into perspective. Lean forward and grab the wide bars and you'll see, this bike fits like a glove. It is beyond bad^ss, I love it.


I will say it again, the nineT is small until you get on it. Being 6' tall I was slightly worried about how this bike would fit me, even after seeing it. It was not clear until my first ride that R NineT is very well suited for someone my size. The ergonomics are a nice balance. The rider isn't so upright that you feel like the wind will blow you off the bike, but you aren't so far forward that you are supporting all your weight on your wrists. This gives a sporty riding position without adding carpel tunnel and lower back problems. In its stock form it is sure to be well suited for most riders.

Ride and Handling

This brawling boxer can put out some torque! Pair that with a smooth 6 speed gearbox and the fun begins. The nineT handles very well. It is impeccably stable and responsive at speed, and with powerful ABS it can stop too. It loves the corners, just look where you want to go, and your there. When leaning the bike over, the suspension does a great job to keep the wheels planted and let's you rail through the turns. The only quirky thing about the BMW's handling is the loft and drop of the rear end caused by the shaft drive. Keep a steady throttle through the corners and you'll hardly notice.


There are only a few things about this bike that aren't quite top notch. The first thing I noticed were the mirrors. Yes they are sturdy and don't vibrate very much, but they are plastic, and not particularly stylish. Come on BMW you did such a good job, why not put aluminum bar end mirrors on this thing and complete the look? I feel the same about the gauges, they work well and look nice, but a better frame would have been nice. Looking at the big picture, these are minor gripes, and things like mirrors are easily replaced. Overall, the nineT is hands down a well made machine. It's simple and elegant design does not need to be hidden by carbon fiber or flashy plastic bits. The BMW designers put a lot of thought into this bike and it shows. Rather than dressing it up, they equip the nineT a lot of quality parts and put detail into the hardware and components. Although the suspension is not as tunable as some of their sport bikes, I believe it is more than sufficient. The front end is stiff around town, but you'll be glad it is when you get out into the twisties. Like I said before, it is a fantastic, high quality machine with style. These elements combined with beautiful paint and brushed aluminum create a modern classic that really shines.


Great torque
Smooth 6 speed gearbox
Great style
Powerful ABS
Simple controls
If you have one you are one of the few
Impressive handling
Excessively cool


Pricey, but not too bad I guess
Cheap mirrors
Plastic gauges
Low production, high demand
You'll want to quit your job and ride it all day


I would absolutely recommend this bike based on my experience with it so far. It is beautiful and well made machine with power, it is more than just good looks. Perfect bike for blasting around town, and an absolute dream on curvy back roads. If you haven't done it already, get on that waiting list, this one is worth it.


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25 July 2014 for me. Will post as I learn things. One thing I noticed is that hump that mounts to the passenger seat doesn't work with the custom BMW seat. I see that Corbin's primary custom seat for the R Nine T (R9T) builds a solo seat with the hump look built in. don't know if a storage compartment could be put into it with a velcro closure, but if so, one could store a pair of gloves and a three piece Allen tool kit. alexford
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