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OEM or Hi Flow Air Filter

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Any advantage to going with a high flow filter in the stock air box? When searching most results were on the subject of pods which I have no intention of doing. I don’t put enough miles on the bike to care about re-usability and cleaning it, just if there is a performance angle.

Next up- is there a good online retailer or forum sponsor for buying OEM oil filters and fluids? I’m never near my dealer so I’d rather just order it from somewhere.
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I had a K&N air filter in my old Honda VFR. Each spring I would clean and recharge (re-oil) it, and it was good for the rest of the year. But it was a little easier to get to in that bike than in the R9T. With this bike, and since air filters aren't very expensive, I'd rather just replace it. And the one time that's been done so far I went with an OEM filter. I don't know if changing to a high flow model will mean having to remap the fuel injection, or if the bike's ECU will adjust automatically. But I would think any performance gain would be pretty minimal.

As for buying oils and fluids, I've purchased oil change kits (4 liters of oil, an OEM oil filter, and a crush washer) on eBay a few times already. The package price is usually competitive with the local BMW dealers, and maybe a little better. It's more a matter of convenience for me.
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