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OEM or Hi Flow Air Filter

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Any advantage to going with a high flow filter in the stock air box? When searching most results were on the subject of pods which I have no intention of doing. I don’t put enough miles on the bike to care about re-usability and cleaning it, just if there is a performance angle.

Next up- is there a good online retailer or forum sponsor for buying OEM oil filters and fluids? I’m never near my dealer so I’d rather just order it from somewhere.
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you wont have any performance increase with a high airflow washable filter + you need to clean them pretty often because of how the air intake works on the 9t, the snorkel is in full airflow and sucks in dust and flies etc way more than on other bikes that have a more hidden air intake. after 5000kms my k&n was so dirty, unbelievable. just go with the oem paper filter and youre good.
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