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Official 2014 BMW R NineT Accessories

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Here the official BMW Accessories list with Prices in Swiss Francs.

For those who can't figure out the meaning: , if still no clue, ask me

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Heated grips on the nineT ? You want to ride this bike when it get's cold ?
Absolutely no option for me...
I statet my opinion to heated grips already in another thread. :p

The Alu cowl looks cool, but it's expensive, the space for storage is minimalistic. They had 3 nineTs yesterday in their 2 showrooms, one with, two without the Cowl. The one with looked much better but it assume it was not fixed 100% correct, it was a little 'wobbly'.
Yes, correct. Price is also as know. I had to change one of them two years ago.
here we go
First one in Original shape, second one after a car's attempt to knock me down...

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This is a GS Adventure. It comes with this bars... and they are very useful and strong..
compare the damage...

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are these end-consumer prices ? or will local and/or federal tax be added ?
the left side of the wall is NOT for the nineT, it's for the S 1000 R which was standing next to the nineT as the Milan motorshow, where this pic was taken.
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