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Official BMW Pricing Released: MSRP $18,700

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Found this article on VisorDown with the prices for all 2014 BMW bikes. It states that the R NineT will be priced at £11,600 which translates to around $18,700.

Heres the link BMW 2014 prices announced - Motorcycle news: New bikes - Visordown

A bit more expensive than I thought, what do you think?
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Around $15000 for the nineT says the Journo..
LA Times
Would you rely on Stock and Share values published in a motorbike Journal ?;)
No I won't. That's why I emphasized its from the Journo, so that folks will take it with a grain of salt.
Basic VAT OTR Charges inc. VAT Total On Road £9,370.84 £1,874.16 £355.00 £11,600.00 prices in UK
says who ?
Basic VAT OTR Charges inc. VAT Total On Road £9,370.84 £1,874.16 £355.00 £11,600.00 prices in UK
What would those prices work out to be in american dollars?
R NineT at A & S Motorcycles $14,100

A & S Motorcycles in Roseville, CA is showing an MSRP starting at $14,100 on their website.
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A & S Motorcycles in Roseville, CA is showing an MSRP starting at $14,100 on their website.
Nice find @6on2by1!
A & S Motorcycles in Roseville, CA is showing an MSRP starting at $14,100 on their website.
Not to be a buzz kill, but did anyone else notice they have exactly the same price listed for the R1200R? Seems unlikely to me. The $16,200 number found on the US BMW financing website seems more realistic. The same web site lists the 2014 R12R at, wait for it...$14,100. Just saying, I'd happily pay the $14K, but am ready to drop the $16K.
Canadian price $150 more for 9T than for R12R.
US $2100 more for 9T than for R12R.

Does this make sense?
well, they actually list two R1200R's: one for 14,100, one for 16,050

Either way, I am very disappointed - the NineT has none of the expensive features of the R yet costs more. Probably due to all the noise on this and other forums... great.... I guess the dealer will not get an order for additional extras from me to make up for the uplift.


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They also list two GSs. I was told that in both cases the lower figure is the basic MSRP and the higher figure is with all options.
That makes me even more angry - so for 16,050 you get a R1200R with ASC, Telelever, Heated Grips, tube-free rims, and whatever else and it is still cheaper than the NineT. That is just rotten.

All the dealers told us (according to what they were told by BMW) that the NineT will be prized below or close to the R1200R - this to me is not the same thing. Realistically you pay $2100 more now if you compare apples (R1200R for 14,100) to apples (R NineT for 16,200).

I don' t need the bike that much. My 1200 GSA and R1100R are still alive and kicking.
If it's really $16,200, that's $100 more than a basic GS, which standard has more features than the 9t. After riding a GS and R12R this week, I may buy a GS.

Hope that 16,200 figure turns out to be incorrect, because I'd still like a 9t at the price we were led to believe it would cost, even if I have to change the wheels.
$14,100 advertised price

I called the dealer in Roseville and asked about the reality of their price. The salesman I talked to was surprised that the price was showing on their website so I directed him to it. He hedged his answer by saying it was probably the base price to which would have to be added the "R Nine T package". I asked for clarification, but got more words that I also could not decipher. Bottom line-I doubt the $14,100 is real.

I sat on the bike at the Long Beach show last month and was smitten by it, to the point that I made a deposit at my local dealer. But as someone else said on the forum, over $16,000 for a bare bones roadster would be a little hard to swallow.

just as a reminder: the on-the-road price for the nineT without any options in Germany is 14500 Euros, that's ~19700 USD !! (todays exchange rate)
What is the price of a basic R12R, for comparison?
12600 Euros, ~ 17170 USD
I wonder why the 9t is so much closer to the price of the R12R in Canada than it is in Germany.

If the US pricing is similar to Canadian pricing, it would be $14,232, not $16.2.
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