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Has anyone found a guard to fit the oil cooler as yet :confused:
The S1000rr looks like it may run an oil cooler similar to the 9t ,but BMW direct can't comment at this time as their techie people are now on leave ,and they've told me production has ceased for 3 months now:eek: so I'm awaiting conformation as to whether they run the same sized oil coolers or not:rolleyes:
If so then I know where to obtain an oil cooler guard ;):D
And before it's mentioned no the r1200r has a larger cooler than the 9T:D
If all else fails it'll get customised by yours truly:D:D

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Realizing this is a very old thread but in the spirit of avoiding to create too many posts on the same topic ....

I just ordered Ex-Motorcycle's cover from Pier City Custom. They dropped the price last night to $99 (still a bit expensive but I think it looks reasonably stylish with the BMW logo imitation)

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