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Oil Temperature Gauge on OEM display

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I seems the oil temperature readout has been removed from the instrument display. I want to add a gauge, just for my peace of mind. Since most other R models have this incorporated in the stock instrument, I presume I can get a stock sender unit that will go in some existing fitting on the engine? Any one know where it is located? Then I just have to find a display that will blend in with the existing instruments. Or just replace everything with the incredible Motogadget stuff!

Thanks for any info.

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Gerry, BMW had a lot of problems with the fuel gauge on the R1200R. So many they decided to remove it on the last edition of the R1200R.
They could have kept the oil gauge. For what reason they removed that one too is a mystery.

I had some problems with the day trips in the beginning. Without the fuel gauge and without day trips, it was a **** cruising on sundays. Happily for me, the problem is resolved now.
I don't miss the gauges.
I didn't have problems with the gauges on the GSA.
It's a specific R1200R problem, pré-2012 models.
1 - 2 of 66 Posts
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