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Opinions onTransitions Photochromic Visors

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I've got three Shoei helmets which are two Neotec II and a RF-1200. The drop down sun visors on the Neotech are helpful when riding during sunrise and sunset. Unfortunately, the RF-1200 doesn't have a drop down sun visor. Since I don't like wearing sunglasses I am considering a transitions photochromic visor for the RF-1200.

Any thoughts or reviews from users of transition visors. By the way, are they dark enough for direct sunlight during sunrise & sunset?

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Purchased the Shoei visor this Saturday. Had some bonus dollars from the dealer so it didn't cost list price. Tried it out Sunday, (not on the bike) in the sunny afternoon weather and it worked very well. Plus it looks stylish on my solid yellow Shoei RF-1200. Actually if you don't mind me saying, FABULOUS!!! :cool:
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Love mine despite the sticker shock. Definitely worth it. No longer fooling around with sunglasses.

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What type of cleaning product do you use with this visor?

Plexus has always works for me.
Hey Baloo, I use it too but would it damage the chemicals etc. on the transition visor?
Thanks everyone for your replies.
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