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Performance increase options

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I realize this might be better suited in the technical forum, but seeing that we're just starting, thought this is a good spot.

Any ideas from current or previous R1200R owners as to what sorta HP increase can we expect with an Akra slip-on and a K&N?

If I could get more 10HP out of the bike, I'd be thrilled.

At 120HP and 90 torque should be close to perfect!
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When reading the BMW factory press release, there are several unstated comparisons to, I believe, the current R1200R. In that vein, it states, "In keeping with the dynamic character of the nineT, the secondary transmission ratio of the pinion and ring gear has been lowered for optimum accelerating power and the smoothest possible gear shifts." I assume as compared to the R1200R so, go to BMWs website and do the model comparison where I do indeed see the lower gearing reflected. Other performance stats such as lower fuel efficiency and slightly differing torque values (119 Nm vs 115Nm) probably reflect the lower gearing. Should get you a little more pep around town compared to the R1200R.
When you lower the gear ratio doesn't it make the gears longer?
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