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Performance increase options

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I realize this might be better suited in the technical forum, but seeing that we're just starting, thought this is a good spot.

Any ideas from current or previous R1200R owners as to what sorta HP increase can we expect with an Akra slip-on and a K&N?

If I could get more 10HP out of the bike, I'd be thrilled.

At 120HP and 90 torque should be close to perfect!
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Hi Ro.nin

The R1200R is a true sleeper, looks like an old farts bike but in truth it is very quick accelerating, handles very well, brakes and ABS are top notch. I have the (optional) small tinted screen on my bike which takes a fair amount of wind blast away from my upper body, thus touring is doable. Touring range on the 18 litre tanks is around 420 + kms. The downside to this bike is that it is perceived as a tad bland, but in truth I have enjoyed every kilometre so far on it.

I have been running Michelin Pilot Road 3's since replacing the OEM Metzler Z8's. Forced to change tyres a month ago and there were no Michelin Pilot Road 3's fronts available, so fitted a set of Michelin Pilot Power 3's - can't believe the lean angles I am now achieving. First thing I will be doing to my Nine T is fitting the Power 3's (simply astonishing tyres - not sure about longevity, but who cares).

Interesting info about true sport tyres fitted ,I had PR3s fitted to my last TBGS 1200,brilliant tyre with all round grip an not 1mm of chicken strip visible on the rear tyre!!:D
I'm hoping my 9T comes with the Z8's fitted an not contis,but if they're not upto my riding style then PR3's will be put on as they're good for grip and milage ;)

What was your issues with the Metzler Z8's ??
The Z8's are not bad tyres, fairly good in fact, the problem is that once they are compared to the Michelin Pilot Road 3's you quickly conclude that the Z8's are a compromise. The benefits of the PR3's are lighter more accurate steering and wet weather grip which is just astonishing. The other issue I had was that the Z8's were fairly shagged (well past their best) at around 8,00kms (5,000 miles) the Michelins are good for a minimum of 10,00kms (6,000 miles).

Should my Nine T come with Z8's I will live with them for the first few thousand kms before replacing with Michelin Road Power 3's.

That'll be my thoughts after a few thousand unless I like them :rolleyes:
It will be nice to have some tyre choice it was very limited on the adventure bikes ,but I'm a big michelin fan so the Metzlers have a lot to live up to :D
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The metzeler Z8s actually beat the michelins in a wet tyre test in 2012 ,but after having PR3s on my GSTB 1200 I know how good they are ;)
I got 7650miles on the set I traded in on my GS ,the centre was on the limit and the shoulders getting low but still plenty of grip left :D
Just star saving weight and you'll get horsepower. Dump the rear seat and subframe. Do away with the stock taillight license mount. Go on a diet .
Or just purchase the R 1000r and stay fat and just ride ;):D:D:D
Or just purchase the R 1000r and stay fat and just ride ;):D:D:D
Sorry durrrr I meant S1000r :rolleyes:
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