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Performance increase options

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I realize this might be better suited in the technical forum, but seeing that we're just starting, thought this is a good spot.

Any ideas from current or previous R1200R owners as to what sorta HP increase can we expect with an Akra slip-on and a K&N?

If I could get more 10HP out of the bike, I'd be thrilled.

At 120HP and 90 torque should be close to perfect!
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Adjusting the engine management settings on a boxer has been proven to make it more responsive by moving settings away from the factory's settings, which are optimized for more efficient fuel consumption and consequently lower emissions. The remap can be used to bump settings into a range where you burn more fuel more quickly and can be adjusted o your specific riding needs (for best results this should probably be part of the intake and exhaust mods) and will definitely be perceptible as a performance "improvement" over middle of the road, global markets, factory settings. But let's not forget weight-to-power ratios which are critical on bikes. Our bike weighs in at a little less than 500lbs, I weigh (with all my gear and backpack, ready for my commute) about 250lbs (half again that much or around 33%). That's 110hp to move 750lbs. I'd spend a fortune dropping 20-30lbs off the bike itself compared to addressing the rider side of this equation and dropping my weight which would improve overall available "power".
Spot on. I ride mountain bikes as well and folks spend gobs of money to "shave" grams off of their components when, as you allude, passing on the pizza could yield pounds of saved weight.
If you really "need" more power on a naked bike, how about a R1000R? That was one of the bike I debated getting when I got the Nine T but decided it was too much bike for me. Would love to have one in the garage if I could spare the change for one.
Any updates?
It's been almost a year since the last post.
Remus complete exhaust with catless headers, Powercommander 5 and individual adjustment of the twin cylinders should bring between 5 and 8 % more hp and torque. Drivability at low and midrange RPM will improve significantly.

For more power you´ll have to increase the cylinder capacity, up to 140 hp is no problem but you´ll loose your guarantee.
:sarcasm: Carless headers? That's a new one on me.... ;) hehe

I'll fix the typing mistake for ya, mate!
:sarcasm: Carless headers? That's a new one on me.... ;) hehe

I'll fix the typing mistake for ya, mate!

They are technically carless, Dave.
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They are technically carless, Dave.
I walked right into that one! lol
Are there any tutorials on flapper valve delete?
Thanks but there's no tutorial.

Did you read the thread? I can't believe you read that thread and don't have all the information needed to do a flapperectomy.

Here, for the lazy:
The R9T is all about torque, which is what makes it so fun.

If there's any doubts of R9T's performance, watch this clip (at the 1:00 min mark) of Nate Kern getting the hole shot from about 4 rows back while racing...Looks like a rocket! He also shares some of his performance mods he's made.
I'd be surprised if the engine on Nate's bike is standard (aside from the Akra pipe) but I stand to be corrected.

For the road, fitment of headers (in my case Remus), removal of the flapper valve and an ECU reflash provide a significant improvement over standard in terms of bhp and torque.

I'd post my dyno charts but I'm not going to get involved in an 'Apples and Pears' conversation.

From a % perspective (which is the most relevant guage anyway IMHO) we are talking about a 16% increase in bhp and a 11% increase in torque, with peak power occurring at 7,500rpm instead of 6,500 rpm and peak torque occurring at 6,066 rpm instead of 6,199 rpm.
The output figures as standard were nowhere near BMW's stated (actual was much lower) but of course that depends on where and how they and the dyno I ran my bike on were measuring it.

What REALLY matters is 'seat of pants' riding in all these cases rather than pub / forum bragging rights and I can honestly say it has transformed the bike to a point where I do not want any more performance as a road bike, it's lovely to ride.
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Having a similar tuning (PCV) i can agree on your stated peak torque around 6.100 rpm. But peak bhp at my bike is in both cases around 7.200. The exhaust system delivers around 2-3%, the different mapping around 5-7%. Always be careful with a dynojet diagram. Alone a slight temperature difference before and after the modification can add a couple of % in performance.

I can completely agree with your last statement. Bike is well transformed and doesn´t need more power.
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