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Pipes, performance & warranty

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I am wondering if any of the more mechanically minded can tell me if a bike such as the R9T would benefit from a full pipe replacement or even after market can.

As it is so closely aligned to the R1200R engine, gearbox etc I presume anything that fits the R1200R would likewise fit the R9T; perhaps with some mod for different frame design (?).

I know the OEM Akra sounds great but if there is a performance boost and a weight saving by swapping out the OEM system - it's worth some serious thought.

I imagine that might create some fuelling issues and maybe void warranty.

What do those in the know reckon?
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From this forum I have learned the following: as a world-wide manufacturer, BMW has spent millions on finding that regulatory/performance/design sweet spot that the majority in the world can live with/enjoy. That said, any internal combustion engine has three basic elements; suck, burn, blow. To experience any real gains in HP (and its harder than one would think with a modern BMW) you have to address all three together. Putting new headers on eliminates the catalytic converter (blow) and is a huge improvement as you skirt a major regulatory problem BMW cannot; however, you will then need to also address the other two elements, suck (intake) and burn (fuel management). A mod of this sort calls for engine mapping adjustments (power commander and others) in order to optimize them - which may affect the warranty or not, depending on where you are. If it is sound alone you are looking for, a slip-on can can change the sound but the stock apparently sounds pretty good to most. That said, those on this forum have yet to hear what difference unscrewing those baffles on the back side of the stock cans will have (which should not affect warranty I suppose). Still waiting on that brave soul to get that special "tamper proof" torx wrench to open her up to find out what is in there. Bottom line: stock works damm well for most, if you are one of that needs more, you need to go all in, otherwise you wasting time/money unless you want more tenor and less baritone or vice versa.
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a full exhaust with a tune might give you some minor gains.

question is if its really worth it.
The reason two valve boxers are more popular than four valve boxers with customizers is precisely that. Very little ability to get any real gains for what you have to pay in a four valve. But replacing the stock exhaust with a full system minus the cat and a remap appear to be the one (expensive) way to do it. Plus you lose a good amount of weight - which most BMW riders could just as easily do with diet and exercise for a lot less money.
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