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Planning a trip to the 24hr Nurburgring on my R9T

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Hi All,
Planning on a trip to the Nurburgring in late May on my R9T, to watch the ADAC 24HR. I am meeting up with some work colleagues who are taking their caravan - so no need for tent. But what do I need for luggage? At the moment, the bike is bog standard - should I get panniers or a Ventura system? I am based in Gloucestershire, and am planning on getting the tunnel over to Calais - so about 550 miles / 9.5 hours - can I do this in one hit or am I mad? Anyone done this run before and what should I look out for?
Kind regards,
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Well, I am back from the trip. It was great fun, and I now have the touring Europe bug!
There were no issues at all during the whole trip - the bike was faultless. I found the standard seat was fine (benefits of having extra padding in the backside area), as I was stopping every 60 - 80 miles to make sure the fuel was kept topped up. But the riding position was getting a bit sore after 3hrs plus. A point of note for anyone that is also planning their first trip into Europe.... ALL the petrol stations I used in France / Belgium / Germany were prepayment. Either at the pump itself or there is a "pillar" next to the pump that put your card into.
The roads were all fantastic, the standard of the car driving was much better than here in the UK and everyone I met was super friendly.
If you have not ventured into Europe before, then I can thoroughly recommend it.
I am already looking for a second bike, which will be a proper tourer (maybe the F800GT or similar) and the R9T for Sunday best.
Can you give us a bit more info, like distance covered in one day and delays that was experienced, etc. My rule is that if tired rest. Most mmistakes are made when tired. Pushing my limits cost me two rims this weekend on GSA. I was on road past bedtime and my reaction time and awareness of road conditions failed me.
Hi Johan,
Sure, my journey was as follows:
Set off 5AM from Gloucester to Folkstone - 194 miles, estimated 3.5hrs, bike was full when I left and had one fuel stop about half way.
Crossed the channel using the train, so had about an hours rest in total there.
I had booked an overnight stop in Aalter (Hotel Orchidee - recommend them), so Calais to Hotel was 80 miles, estimated 1.5hrs, with a fuel stop at the exit of the tunnel. I arrived about 1PM local time. I then topped up the tank before I set off the following day.
Aalter to the Nurburg ring was 200 miles, estimated 4 hours. I did this in one hit, stopping for fuel every 60 - 80 to make sure I wouldn't run out. I left about 8AM local time and arrived about 1.30PM local time.
As this was my first trip solo into Europe, I picked a very boring route, sticking to the main motorways mostly E40, E42, then the 4 and the 61 once I got into Germany. Yes I know I missed a lot of fun roads and stunning scenery - but I wanted to get there and back, building my confidence. I was doing a steady 70-75 MPH, not filtering unless traffic was stationary and being ultra cautious with riding on the "wrong" side of the road (by the way, within 10 minutes this felt totally natural).
I had a Ventura pack on the back of the bike (the biggest 40 litre box they do - pig ugly, but effective) and a small 5 litre tank bag. Every packed inside roll top water proof bags, just in case. Nothing on my back. Navigation was done with my phone, using Google maps on a Quadlock mount. This worked very well, only struggled in very bright direct sun to read the screen (will invest in a proper TomTom next time).
Standard of driving was way better then the UK. Autobahns were fine - I just kept out of the fast lane! Hit traffic around Brussells and close to the circuit, but everything kept moving so no problems there.
A tip for people using the Chunnel for the first time... you cannot arrive any earlier than 2 hours before your departure time, and there is nowhere to wait if you. The first thing you have to do when you arrive is book in, and it will charge you another £31 for being too early (does mean you can get an earlier train though). My suggestion is to stop at the Folkestone Services if you are too early and wait there. It's close enough to the crossing that there shouldn't be any delays - trying to get through the M25 was a nightmare - even at 6.30 AM it was rammed, so very difficult to plan arrivals effectively.
I think that covers everything, let me know if you need anything else :)
Oh - the way back was just the reverse of getting there - including the stop in Aalter before getting to the Chunnel.
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Thanks mxdave. Does give one a idea of what to expect. Yes, you either ride to get there or you do the scenic, stop often ride. If you wish to do scenic your trip plan is in terms of weeks and not days. Go slow, stop often, take photos, enjoy the scenes and the absolute max is 300 km for the day and if the route is really scenic be lucky if you do 80km. I have a BMW small tank bag and strap. It allows me a place for a cell phone, credit card and some cash. On the GS I used to have a 5 liter bag, however the frustration of havingto remove it every time to fill up drove me nuts and now I do not use one. The small bag is really sensible as you can open the fuel tank without having to remove the bag. Super convenient. I use the cellphone for quick photos. Navigation is personal. In South Africa you need satelite in rural areas. In city cellphone will suffice and on longer distances you do not often need anything as there are fewer roads and towns are literally one horse towns, you will not get lost unless you insist. The BMW saddlebags is also good for me as I do B& B when on the Racer. I have the leather bags. Hope there is another trip in the pipeline. Assume you enjoyed Nurburgring or was that just an excuse for a trip.
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You get some idiots riding/driving the track and don’t forget you’re not insured to do so!

Mate was knocked off his three week old Suzuki on the track and had to nurse it home and then leave it in a known theft hotspot in Roermond, Holland to get a pay out.
There was a 24 Hour ADAC Race on, so I was just spectating. I have no desire to risk my bike on the Ring...
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