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Potential new owner

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First post so be gentle.

I have a 1250 GS TE already. I have always liked the look of the standard r nine t. I have a chance of a brand new 22 at a reasnoable price. I have never sat on one let alone ride one. i am being told that they are un comfortable with a stretch to the bars putting pressure on wrists and back. Is this correct. I’m 5 foot 9.
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There will be 2 major differences. Height and smoothness. The R9T is a lot lower. The 1250 is a lot smoother. The R9T’s wide handle bars shouldn’t bother you coming from a gs. The seat won’t be as comfortable but that’s an easy swap.
The major thing though is the engine. The R9T vibrates more and shakes a lot more on startup. The clutch is a lot rougher and engages more abruptly. But don’t let these things scare you away. The character of the R9T’s engine is its charm and for me what makes it so much fun. It’s a total hooligan where the 1250 is a refined gentleman.
I don’t own a GS but I do have an R9T and a 1250RS. There have been very few bikes over the years of riding that are “keepers” that I would hate to part with. The R9T is one.
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