I have for sale some protective accessories I tried on my '18 Pure, but I just don't see myself going through with the whole Scrambler conversion and forking over the $$ for a suspension upgrade and a 19" front wheel. I also missed the naked roadster look, so anyways I don't need these anymore.

Krauser crash bars (I believe these are the same as Wunderlich) - I bought these from another forum member. There are some minor scrapes on each side, but they are unbent and fit well. $100 OBO
Automotive lighting Street light Bicycle part Motor vehicle Automotive design

Bicycle part Auto part Font Composite material Metal

Bicycle part Font Bumper Automotive exterior Auto part

BMW headlight guard - Another item I bought from a forum member - SOLD

Bash plate, Chinese-made, unbranded, fits well - $75 OBO
Gas Automotive exterior Bumper Wire Musical instrument accessory

Gadget Auto part Composite material Electric blue Circle

Prices include shipping for lower 48. PM me if interested, I'd prefer someone get some use out of these, otherwise they'll be waiting for me to win the powerball and turn a scrambler into an adventure bike.