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Quieter tyres?

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Can anyone advise please? I've searched the forum and can't find any reference to Battlax A41 tyres being quite noisy. My '21 Scrambler's tyres (A41s) start to howl and scream from about 15 m.p.h. So loud that I thought something was wrong with the bike. A high pitch sound, very penetrating. Pressures OK, fitted correctly. Noise stopson very new smooth road surface, about 3% of my commute! Otherwise, these tyres are amazing.

Has anyone else noticed this?

Can anyone recommend a tyre based primarily on lack of screaming resonance?

Thanks... hopefully :)
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So what are you trying to do? What are your riding conditions? Are you on the dirt more than you are the pavement.? The all-around tire that has the adventure look, and it might be a little better off Road to me, was the anarchy adventure. Not too noisy on the road. But I found the Dunlop mutant to be the belle of my ball. I'm 90% road even on my scrambler and the off-road is mainly groomed gravel and dirt.
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