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Can anyone give me a definitive answer on the compatibility of the fork braces for the R Nine T Classic. The 2014 to 17 fork brace have a different part number than the 2017+.
Does anyone know if there are actual differences in them (fitment) other than cosmetic? Will they fit on newer model Front Frames?

Background: I would like to upgrade the front suspension on my 2018 Pure to a Classic. Obviously there are some parts that will need to change. However there are some that are the same.
The "Front Frame" from the 2018 models are the same (same part number for the Classic, Scrambler, UGS and Pure).


That being said, are the different year Fork Braces compatible with the newer 2018 Front Frame?

and 2017 onward


I have read several of the posts here, but there are a few bits that are not clear. I reached out to my local dealer here and they had no idea and thought that I was completely out to lunch for asking such a thing..... then basically they F'd me off and were no help what so ever.

Can anyone provide some insight in this?

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