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I chose the 642 because by the time I added the +25mm and height adjust option, as well as the mechanical preload adjustment I don't think there was much price difference between the two and I figured i'm the type of person who always regrets not getting the best, and conversely, never regret buying a higher model etc post purchase.

The height adjust and increase was important to me as I wanted more cornering ground clearance and less trail & rake to make the bike a bit more agile, as well as putting a bit more weight on the front. I am really happy with it now. It doesn't feel too tall - it feels right. I am 179cm.

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Thanks for the insights! I'll keep it in mind when im upgrading.

So my sag was 43 mm before adjusting the preload, after the counterclock it all the way, I was able to achieve 38mm... much better

Gorgeous bike by the way! I'm digging those wheels
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