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R9T vs Duc Monster vs KTM 890 Duke R

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I was thinking in my fickle little mind what I might replace the R9T with. I’ve lusted after the Ducati Monster just on looks alone and the KTM for its savage performance. So I went out into internet land and started researching. I got totally overwhelmed with opinions and decided to go with specs and data and built a spreadsheet to organize and put it all in perspective. Going in I had the impression that the R9T would be totally outclassed on the performance side of things. It’s rather porky.
Yes the R9T is heavier by 70-75 pounds than the other two and down on hp by 2 and 12, but she is up on torque by 17 and 26 foot pounds over the other two. 1/4 mile times are even more telling. Duc 12.3 @ 119, KTM 11.0 @ 129 and our little porker turns in 11.3 @ 118.
The R9T is not slow. There is a lot of other factors involved like the big one for me would be handling. The extra weight would be evident braking into and then coming out of corners. The KTM I’m sure would be the most “flickable”. But our little girl ridden well would be respectable. Overall I ended up surprised that the R9T is not outclassed and can more than hold her own against the other two, at least on paper.
Realistically I’m old and slow anyway so the R9T probably suits me well and I should just keep her and be happy with the amazing little bike that I already have. Especially since she is paid for and already broken in and ready to thrash to my heart’s content.
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Hi there

I can probably help a bit, since I've had a monster 821 for about 5 years, that was replaced with a Duke 790 (that I still own) and I just recently bought an R9T.

Actually the R9t is the one I must get to know before I can say anything about, but hey, the looks are there! Handling wise, I must get to know it, but I suspect it won't have the handling of the two others. Not saying it won't have a great handling, it apparently does!, I got that already from the few km's I've made with it, but not on the level of the other two: the monster handles great (and also looks great, in my opinion), and then there is the duke 790, that although ugly as hell is a ultra effective machine. It is not just the frame, engine, also the crazy electronics, it is a mad pack, incredible what the bike can do on the road, it really is one of the best fun bikes you can have.

So I guess if you value looks over everything else: R9T; if you want it to look fine with fine handling: the monster. If you don't really care about looks but just want a super fun bike go for the Duke. If my 790 is like this I can only imagine a 890R
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But I thought Ducati gave you Luigi’s number on speed dial, no?

Joke aside, your monster was somewhere in the 2009-2013 years, correct?
Audi bought Ducati in April 2012 for a whooping billion $, I’d guess that Ducs after model year ~2014 have less reliability issues?
One thing they definitely did improve is their notoriously expensive Desmo service intervals. They are now stretched out to 18000 mls/30000 km, which is impressive.
Mine was a 2015 monster 821, post AUDI era. Bought semi-new (1500 km), sold with around 45 kkm, no issues whatsoever... Maintenance cost were not cheap, but also not ridiculous, specially after the warranty when it started getting services outside ducati. Still miss that bike - although a different kind of beauty from the R9T, it was indeed a gorgeous bike!
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