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... any serious contenders/interests to join us for a Tassie R9T Experience?

Our local BMW Club (Victoria) is planning a trip to Tassie in 2015 and asks for a show-of-hands if anyone's seriously interested to come along.

HOWEVER :D, an alternative could be holding our own inaugural annual

>>> OzR9T Roaring-Fourties <<< meet-n-greet Ride ... (similar to US-Chromeheads holding their annual Brain-Flush or Rambling Pig trips)

... it's early in the day, but I wouldn't want to miss out on any 'bonding' going on with fellow R9T enthusiasts! :D ... just because I'm tagging along with all those other long-in-the-teeth beemers , halfkidd'n of course :p

The date would be early February 2015, to coincide with the Wooden-Boat-Festival (6th-9th) Home | Australian Wooden Boat Festival. Hobart accommodation is always booked out for that event, it might pay to make our wishes/bookings known rather sooner than later. Like mentioned in another post, booking into a hub/motel from which to do day trips (Tassie's not too big for that) eliminates the daily luggage-lugging chores and allows for rest days if inclement weather blows in. 5 nights Tassie rural east, 3 nights Hobart, 1-2 nights rugged Westcoast, then back onto ferry in Devonport.

What say you?

Any takers?

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What a high that would be. Especially since I've never been to NZ nor OZ. Got close when I flew in the USAF, but never crossed the equator. Besides, the 'coriolis effect' screw everything up 'down under' :D:D
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