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Rapid Bike EASY (AF Module)

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I've got a 2018 R NineT Classic and have just placed an order for a set of Remus headers to go with my Akrapovic single silencer. As many (not all) would agree, when modifying the intake and or exhaust, something should really be done to assist fueling with the more free-flowing air/exhaust, especially given the Euro 4 bikes tend to run on the lean side due to emissions.

I've done a fair bit of reading across this and other forums regarding booster plugs, AF-Xied modules, Re-Maps, and piggyback modules (AKA: PC5, RB, etc) and weighed up what would work best for me. Given I'm still well within my warranty period, I quickly ruled out the re-map and more complex piggyback modules, which left me with a Booster Plug or AF-Xied. After even more reading and weighing up both camps, I was leaning towards the AF-Xied side as I believe (from what I've read only) that the BP works initially, but is slowly adjusted out of the equation by the factory ECU. So I was set on the AF-Xied. Given I'd need a twin AF-Xied module for our boxer, the price for such a simple module was more than I was willing to pay. So after a little more searching around, I came across what I ended up purchasing, the Rapid Bike EASY!

The Rapid Bike Easy essentially works the exact same way the AF-Xied does, but in a much neater package and at around half the price. It's a simple plug-and-play device (easy to remove in warranty situations), no cutting, waterproof connectors, and an easy-to-follow guide stating the optimal settings for your bike.

I've yet to use the module as I'm still waiting on the headers to arrive, but will report back once it is all done.

Below are a few photos of the unit. Also note that the same module can be used on a number of other BMW models, including all 1200 series boxers through to 09-2018 S1000RR's.

If anyone's used one of these before, I'd be grateful if you'd chime in and let me know your opinions, findings, tips, etc. Or if people have used similar units that have any useful info, that would be great too.


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I'm really pleased with mine. Fitting was easy, not much trace of it really, only from behind the frame to the injector plug. First impressions were great. What a difference it makes to the bike. Seems quicker throttle response for sure, defiantly a lot less engine braking which is better for setting it up for bends and roundabouts and far smoother on off the throttle as well as general hooning about and city riding. It goes great with the DNA filters and Zard i fitted so all in all best money spent on the bike after the rear shock swap.
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I agree, definitely worth it. I have my eyes set on an arrow slip on. High mount. Would be interesting to see how the RBE handles the additional air flow.
Unit Garage high mount nearly got my money but went for the Zard in the end, really pleased with it.
CunningStunt, your idea of the installation in the rear looks pretty good.
I presume you have a Classic, looks like a single seater there.
Mine is in the same position as Nabeel, but I quite like the RBE in the open like yours.

Has anyone noticed that their battery is discharging a lot quicker after the RBE installation?
Maybe it is just me not riding daily that I pay more attention to the battery now :unsure:
For me it was about making it accessible as possible should i need to take it off or it goes wrong. It's got 3m velcro on it so i can take the unit out and in again without much hassle. It fitting in quite well next to the quick shifter module, again there for easy access if i need to. I've not noticed anything different with the battery but mine goes straight on an optimate once it's in the garage. It's now in social isolation for 11 more weeks :( and yes classic model
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