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Replacement Aftermarket Mirrors

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I don't know what you think about those mirrors, but I don't like them at all.

Changing them for a pair of Rizoma bar end mirrors was my first solution, but there are some more.

The best looking classic mirrors with adaptor for the particular BMW fitting, is the LSL Clubman mirror:


In bar end mirrors, LSL has also a solution:


edit: sorry, i can't copy the direct link.
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I have the oberon setup on my R80 (have a look at the pic in my introduction)
EXTREMELY well made kit I can't praise enough and will be my preferred option for the NineT also.

The LSL headlight clamps are also on the R80 and again are well made, VERY Expensive though

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I've seen the last Rizoma's (2 posts above) on a R1200R. Don't like it at all, too large, too big.
The Rizoma stuff i'm having on my R1200R is so nicely designed with a high quality finish. I had a lot of other stuff on previous bikes, but none was equal to Rizoma.
OK, they're expensive, but I don't regret.
Well well well, the kids can't wait for their Christmas presents ? :D
Do these just clamp on over the bar ends?
No, over the bar itself. You have to move the grips
... so, what's the inside diameter of the R9T's handlebar?

should I order the barend mirrors to fit bars with a hole sized (13.2mm - 14.5mm) and (16.85mm - 17.3mm) - two different adapters, or what do the Rizomas come with?

What about these? Probably coming from the same factory Rizoma get theirs from?

SD R Imola CNC BAR END Mirrors Suitable FOR 2006 2014 BMW R1200R | eBay
Chinese copy ? So far I know, Rizoma built their pieces themselves.

The Rizoma bar-end mirrors comes without any adapter.
There's a (double) standard adapter that works with most bars (LP200B: CarpiMoto - Rizoma Adapter LP200B for Rizoma PROGUARD on handlebars with Ø 13-21 mm hole ). That's the one i used on my Rizoma bar.

Here you have all the available adapters: Rizoma Spy R Bar End Mirror
They should tell you which one is the right adaptor for the Nine-T.
And you cloud also contact directly Rizoma.
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