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Required documents and where to keep them?

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Maybe this is a question for those of us in the States, but I have seen conflicting information on what documents to always have while riding (i.e. registration, proof of insurance) and then also where to keep them. Do y'all keep them in a pocket while you ride in case you get stopped and need them, or do you keep them on the bike? The only place that I could find on the bike was in a ziplock bag under the pillion seat but even that was so small it was pushing it to get them to fit.

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On your person … in your wallet … go to your local photo-copy store and have every four pages reduced by 50% so 4 pages will fit on a single sheet of paper printed both sides … and … at 50% will still be completely legible .. (8 1/2” X 11”) …. and on paper too …… Blitz
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