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Required documents and where to keep them?

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Maybe this is a question for those of us in the States, but I have seen conflicting information on what documents to always have while riding (i.e. registration, proof of insurance) and then also where to keep them. Do y'all keep them in a pocket while you ride in case you get stopped and need them, or do you keep them on the bike? The only place that I could find on the bike was in a ziplock bag under the pillion seat but even that was so small it was pushing it to get them to fit.

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My state doesn't recognize digital copies of the insurance. Paper must be carries, and I ride different bikes and wear different gear so am not thrilled carrying multiple copies in multiple pockets. My wallet is already fat. I carry the pertinent documents on the bike under the seat. They can wait for me to get the seat off if they find it important enough.
I like the digital storage idea. Since law enforcement already has those records on their devices, the only time they can't look all of it up themselves is when they are in range of cell towers. It seems archaic to require us to still carry those documents. IMO, law enforcement should bear the burden of showing we don't have the authorizations.
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