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RSD Accessories for the R-NineT

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Posted this moring on BMW Motorrad's Facebook Page

The seat looks sooo nice. Click on the link for more pics:
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I actually would prefer to have the gold forks over the black. And with that seat I think gold would go better with it on the nineT
I totally agree with this. Gold forks help to set it off. In black it just looks dull, gold adds life to it
I think that that seat would look nice with a high mounted exhaust too. Looks great.

I might opt for the seat in black instead of brown though. I think that the light brown with the black doesn't look quite right from a color scheme point of view.
Side profile would look amazingly clean like that with the higher mounted akra, expose that swingarmless side, seat and exhaust :D
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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