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Rumor or Truth, But Seems to Coincide

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Much earlier an inside source at BMWNA told me 'off the record' that the bikes will be in the dealer's showroom by Feb 21st. He's never been incorrect. Talking to dealer today I was told that the bikes (USA) are already in NJ.

That seems to coincide with other posts on this site. Anyone have anything else to add?
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already in NJ as in on the showroom?
As in NJ, Woodcliff Lake, as in BMWNA poised for distribution.
What I posted is of course subject to interpretation. Dealer kind of inferred that product here, and this was the sales person so it's anyone's guess. BMW Daytona my dealer but wonder if anyone else has more confirmed info?
Is it going to be a consistent roll out across all 50 states, or will the states and dealerships get them on showroom floors at different times? I'm even more curious about if Canada will be getting the nineT in showrooms at the same time.
While I speak with no authority logic would dictate that BMW logistics will try to put bikes in dealers very close to the same time. I'm sure they control shippers and I'm almost willing to guess that weather might even determine when product is sent. Could you imagine the chaos, and dissatisfaction, among dealers and customersif one dealer had product and others did not?

I have no idea how international sales and deliveries would be affected.
1 - 4 of 14 Posts
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