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Rumor or Truth, But Seems to Coincide

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Much earlier an inside source at BMWNA told me 'off the record' that the bikes will be in the dealer's showroom by Feb 21st. He's never been incorrect. Talking to dealer today I was told that the bikes (USA) are already in NJ.

That seems to coincide with other posts on this site. Anyone have anything else to add?
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I was told by one of the BMW reps over the weekend at the Progressive Motorcycle show that they could be here in 2 weeks. I'm taking that with a grain of salt, but I would imagine that BMW wouldn't lift the embargo on the reviews too far a head of some customers being able to get their hands on one. I'm #1 on the list at my dealer and can't wait. I currently have 0 motorcycles in the garage and it's 70 and sunny in AZ.
Geeze, No bikes in the garage, that sucks big time!:( At least You're #1:)
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