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Scrambler Modification programme

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Well, I thought I would share my journey to make a few changes to my 2019 stereo metallic matt scrambler X.
Bought it in the UK and brought it back to France last summer and after a few months thinking about what to do, I am now ready to proceed.

The general idea is to:
  • put a single seat
  • shorten the back
  • put the license plate on a GS mudguard
  • change the blinkers
  • remove the airbox
  • change the gas cap
  • and put handlebar mirrors.
There are surely going to be other mods along the way as I am sure it will be hard to resist the urge ?.

The first pic is of the bike as it stand today.


Yes I have the knobby tyres and they are loud (above 70 km/h the tyres are actually louder than the exhaust...) but they do give a nice look to the bike. On dry surface I got used to banking in turns as much as with road tyres but I have not quite tried them on the wet.

There are actually a few modifications made to the bike already although they are quite uncuspicuous:
  • I have put the OEM tankbelt. While I do not plan on having a tank bag, the belt looks good and it does protect the tank from scratching near the seat. I am just a bit disappointed by the fact the hole for the gas cap is not very round but rather ovale...
  • I have put Wunderlich foot protectors to avoid getting my feet drenched should I get caught by the rain. I have had this on all my bikes and it really makes a difference. I have a post on this specifically for those who may be interested.
  • I have also put a brake pedal enlarger. I am actually not so interested in enlarging the pedal but it does raise the surface in contact with your foot a bit as I find the pedal way too low.
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Nice parts ? Can't wait to see it assemblied ?
Congrats for all the job done on your bike, your Nine T is awesome ! (y)(y)(y)(y)
Love also the tank cap :love:
1 - 2 of 51 Posts
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