I bought the bike with these couple of items fitted, I won't use them and they are gathering dust.

Would prefer the 2 items sell together

Seat cowl - looks well made, not sure if a genuine one, is not marked with BMW anywhere, they could all be like that. The '90' logos are decals, I have left them on as you can see in the pictures. The satin clear over the silver paint appears to be sun damaged. I have not polished it as I don't think it will be satin after I do that. I have tried to show the sun damage in the pics. You can probably leave it just the way it is, its not that obvious. Just trying to be up front with what you are buying.

Bar end mirrors - No obvious branding either. Small abrasion marks on edge in picture. Easily touched up with black marker. They are also well made with rubber bushes inside the mounting point. I rode the bike for an hour with them on and didn't notice any major vibration with these mirrors. I lane split a lot and put the OEM mirrors back on. The plastic heads won't do much damage when I collide with a car.

Make me an offer. I'm a reasonable person.

I would rather ship within Australia at your cost, as the cost of shipping international will be hella expensive. I will bubble wrap the mirrors, but no guarantees they will survive.
Pick up in Buderim Qld.