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Seats or Butt Pillows as I call them (Unit Garage Biposto seat review)

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So there has been some discussion about the stock seating on our rides, or at least my ride, a 21 Scrambler named Bean. Of all things I love about Bean the seat was the least, I'm sure that the stock seat is simply a leather like substance covering a plank of wood, maybe even petrified wood at that. So what to do, well of course, ask our amazing group of fellow riders on this forum for some suggestions or ideas.

Ask and you will receive and here is my humble input to the standing question, "So what about my seat?" There have been many wonderful suggestions, ideas, and varied solutions posted here and here is what Bean and I came up with, I hope it helps.

It seems that the Bean and I spend a fair amount of time in the saddle, typical rides are 2 to 4 hour stretches at a time. I must have either a well padded behind or it is hard like my head, not sure which, that said I do get butt numb after a ride and my two up gives me a serious ear full as well.

In my search for an answer I discovered and asked about the Unit Garage Biposto (Leather Biposto seat NineT) offering and when Dave R. pulled the trigger and purchased one and the reviews from elsewhere where good, I went ahead and took the leap. A rather pricey leap.

What do I think now that I have one...... AHHHHHHHHH. Wow what a difference for me, yes it does make me sit a bit taller, however, compared to sitting on my brothers GSA 1250 the saddle is still below nose bleed height and both feet touch the ground at stop signs, (I am 5'10" and shrinking with average length legs). I also want to give Unit Garage a shout out here because turn around was amazing, in just over a week from order my seat went from Italy to California. No issues, no problems. (No I have no affiliation with them)

So lets talk about the new butt pillow here with some pictures:
Unboxing: Automotive tire Hood Camera accessory Camera lens Motor vehicle
Nicely boxed, nothing special here no damage. New vs. stock: Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Motor vehicle Automotive design
Here is a side by side, the Unit seat seems to have a fine grained leather of a nice quality, and is shaped very close to the stock shape, with a bit more roundness because of the extra padding, (read about that on their site).
Here is a side view: Light Grey Flooring Comfort Tints and shades
You can see that it has much thicker padding in the places that count.

Bottom pan fit and finish: Hood Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Grille
As you can see the pan although not exactly the same as the BMW pan but is very close. Initially I was concerned how the Unit seat would sit on the bike, however, everything lined up perfectly. The catches/latches/hooks under the seat all worked just like stock in that the seat just went on like the stock seat. Even the bolt/screw that BMW uses to secure the seat down lined up, (note that I did have to wiggle it in a bit).

Mounted on Bean: Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive lighting Automotive tire
Sitting on Bean it really looks good. Despite the extra padding I don't think it looks bloated or fat, however, it is a bit thicker. I feel that the fine grain of the leather and what seems to be a very close attention to quality makes the price worth while. It looks like a quality piece and I got what I paid for.

1) I have ridden around town with lots of starts and stops, feet up/down all is good but I do sit further off the ground.
2) Unit Garage did a good job with supply and quality of build, got what I paid for, no complaints.
3) Fit and finish seem top notch, very much plug and play and over the long term, time will tell the tale.
4) Comfort rating so far is very high, this is such an improvement on stock and that is the whole reason to buy.

So I hope this was a bit helpful to anybody thinking about a new butt pillow.

One last thing, a tip that I got from my dealer, you know that really annoying screw you have to use to put the seat on and off with, ditch it. I went to my hardware store and bought a t-handled screw, Hood Automotive lighting Motor vehicle Automotive design Grille
no more using a torx or that little thingy that comes from BMW that you have to carry. I like the t version because with the webbing on the underside of my fender it acts like a lock to keep it from unscrewing and falling out, however, some may find that using a knurled one works better for you as it will not interfere with the webbing.

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Great product review. Errrr, so I moved your post to the Product Reviews forum section... hehe ;)
Spanks Dave, one of these days I will get it right in this marvelous forum. You do such a good job of keeping an eye on guys like me, keep up the good fight...;)

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Dave R., I have to agree. I am not so much for giving opinions other than my own as everyone's taste is a bit different, however, I really do like this seat so far.

I guess my legs are short enough because I have the stock pegs in place and am very happy with how it feels riding and at the stops. Like I said, time will tell, the quality of construction seems solid though so I would expect it to last in good order.

It would be curious to see how the MonoPosto stacks up for those who ride a single saddle.

Kind regards,
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