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Security Chain Talk

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Hi all,

While it's in the garage I'm looking to secure my pride and joy with a hefty chain and ground anchor, and there's no shortage of options in terms of manufacturer to choose from. I want to go as big as possible to make it as hard to steal as I can, so my question is this

Who uses the thickest chain, and how do you route it through your bike?

Photos would be appreciated. If there's already a thread on this so would a link šŸ˜Š

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In my opinion, one of the best independent reviews of motorcycle security products in the UK is John Milbank from BikeSocial. If you haven't seen any of his reviews the link below is a good starting point and also check out his YouTube reviews.

The reviews are independent and unbiased, he attacks the locks with everything from lump hammers to angle grinders.

UPDATED: The BEST motorcycle chains, locks, disclocks and D-locks
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