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Security Chain Talk

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Hi all,

While it's in the garage I'm looking to secure my pride and joy with a hefty chain and ground anchor, and there's no shortage of options in terms of manufacturer to choose from. I want to go as big as possible to make it as hard to steal as I can, so my question is this

Who uses the thickest chain, and how do you route it through your bike?

Photos would be appreciated. If there's already a thread on this so would a link 馃槉

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Thanks, both.

Apologies, I could've worded my question better. I didn't say that my bike has the cross-spoke wheels and so putting a hefty chain through the wheel may not be an option.

What's the thickness of your chain, and where do you route it through the bike to secure it?

I know that if the scumbags want it they will eventually take it, but I want to make it as hard as possible.
Expensive but Pragmasis are probably the best and you could use their pinch bolt through the rear hub to save trying to feed a chain through the wheel - Security Chains from SecurityForBikes, by Pragmasis

Would then add a Litelok X1 or X3 shackle lock which are angle grinder resistant - LITELOK X1 - Armoured D-Lock For Bikes & eBikes
This is exactly the way I'm leaning. Thanks Paul (y)
1 - 3 of 12 Posts