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Stock HORN Upgrade...

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Hello All,

Has anyone upgraded the horn on your R9T? I am running a trick'd out custom 2017 Pure errr NOW ROADSTER (pics will follow soon) and want to replace the anemic horn that sounds like I am on a scooter... Anyone???

I am looking for the best, loudest and ease of install. I know the Denali Mini SoundBomb is out there, not sure if its the right one for me.

Thanks... Mit Besten Gruben :)
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I’m not at my computer right now, but if you search the forum you’ll find various solutions already published. Also I fitted a loud dual horn setup to my bike - nice and loud. If you have the stamina have a look at my longgggg Baldy Dave’s 9T Mods thread, it’s in there somewhere!!!! Lol

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Let's hear the honk!

Any photos of the process including the final install position of the new horn?
@Parkblu I was in the same boat as you and like @Bobber101 ended out choosing a new mounting point for my PIAA horns where the flapper valve servo motor used to live.

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I am sure plenty braver souls than I have successfully mounted them where the original horn is sited and hope someone helps you out.
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