Misc suspension parts: TFX OEM and Olhins
R 9-?; RSU forks Long (GS) version. I think these will work on any of our motorbikes and will have a wee bit more suspension travel. They will necessitate the fork tubes being proud of the top triple clamp. These forks have about 2000 mile one them and come from a insurance deal where the bike was stripped and then the parts were recovered and I bid on the bits. I have one pair of these and shipping is up to buyer. You can make me an offer you think would be fair.

R 9 Racer; RSU standard forks. These forks are from a brand new 2017 Racer with less than 500 miles on the clock. They were removed when (We build Vintage race bikes and a few track day rides so I have a stock-pile of motorcycle bits just sitting here) I was "given" a set of Olhins RSU forks to try just to decide the value of same compared to the replacement cartridges by Olhins. For road racing we have gone with the beefier USD forks where rules will let us. The Olhins complete forks are staying with my Racer so these forks are for sale with the Olhins fork cartridges set for a 210 * (with all his gear). Again this stuff is in the way so I offer them for sale with you paying the freight. Make me a fair offer.

R 9 Racer ; Used rear shock (500 miles) $125.00 you pay the freight.

R 9 Racer; Rear shock; Never mounted on the motorbike (Now that the "Plague is winding down we have no time for playing with our own bikes) Olhins rear shock (210# fatty rider) again you pay the freight and make a fair offer.

R 9 Racer; TFX rear shock this shock has about 3000 miles on it and (same 210# tubby guy) I would take less for it than the Olhins. Here all I'd do is swap the TFX out with the Olhins, I was keeping the TFX because I ride of fairly rough roads at a wee bit of an elevated pace. The TFX's have a adjustment for high speed and low speed dampening which I really like but it does take some fiddly if you want it's full advantage so I would survive with the Olhins.

So to the fellow looking for forks or anyone else looking to up-grade their suspension here ya go. I'm not going to take pictures (don't even ask as I don't have the time) as everyone who could benefit from these bits and be able to install them on their motorbikes know what they look like. Feel free to ask questions and make offers. Freight will be from left coast (Northern California) of USA.