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After a lot of pondering about which side bag to use I decided to go with the SysBag 15lt. Besides tha fact that it matches my Daypack Tank bag, I like the semi-rigid construction and the fact that it’s marginally bigger than other options (13.5 lt) although the measurements on the websites seem almost the same.

The bag is very light by itself and can be used with straps or with a mounting plate that can adapt to the SLC (in my case) or other mounting systems. This versatility make the backplate cover most of the back of the bag and add some weight to it once attached, not very much tough.

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The installation of the backplate is pretty straightforward, just a bunch of bolts and nuts. One thing to consider is that on the inside of the bag it uses some hefty aluminum “nuts” that may scrape plastic things you might throw in there, like a laptop or similar.

Another thing that I haven’t seen in the reviews of this products is if they fit a laptop since they seem great as a commuter bag. Well, fear no more, I tested a Dell 14” laptop and it fit pretty well, maybe a 15” low profile laptop can fit too. I also tested an ASUS 15.6” laptop which was +2” wider, it sort of fitted but you have to force the top cover of the bag a bit to close it which may deform it on long term.

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The bag includes a waterproof inner cover, a shoulder strap, 2 license plate buckles and 4 straps to attach it to the bike or other Sys bags.

The SLC mount is pretty easy to install under normal circumstances, I have a Daedalus classic tail tidy and it interfered with the fitment. The minima version of the kit doesn’t have this issue since the led strip is shorter. Anyway, the support plate for the tail kit is a very thick aluminum plate so I manage to cut it and fit the bracket without interfering with the light functions.

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I’m very happy with the result, the bag fits my needs for additional space in short trips/commute or when I don’t feel like using a backpack and the mounting bracket is discrete with a quick mount/release mechanism, it even has a release cord that make it easier to unlock without having to reach for the latch behind the bag.

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That's great. I just got the exact same set up last weekend and was going to post something about it as also couldn't find too many reviews, or any images with the roadster but you beat me to it. The one thing I'd point out is if you still have the rear subframe attached, you need to lower the pillion foot peg for the bag to fit. Its not a problem, just a consideration. Removing the rear subframe is next on my list of things to do anyway.

I can also confirm it fits fine with the Evotech tail tidy in case anyone is worried about that.
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