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Swingarm full range of motion

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Does anyone know what the full range of motion of the swing arm is on a 2015 fully stock Classic. From hanging fully extended on that Bursig stand … to fully compressed and bottomed out ….. what’s the travel distance … or where I can go to determine this measurement. How far up will the wheel travel ? Cheers ……………….. Blitz
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The shock travel is 4.7" according to the tech data. You can measure the distance from the axle to the shock and calculate out from there or probably easier would be to simply measure the distance by jacking the rear up and then compressing with a ratchet strap or something similar. I'd measure mine but it's a scrambler so won't help you any.
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My folks have a house on the Mexican mainland coast and go there every winter. They are there as we speak, even. Their experience belies the news, as they haven't had a problem in the more than one decade they've been going. Along with them, a handful of relatives also go down there various times of the year. None have reported an issue.
And, yes, my bike also has a swingarm. I'm told they come in handy.
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