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Sydney, Aus

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Hi - A quick g'day and hello. I put my deposit down a few months back [mid Oct I think] and expect to pick up early April, atm. Had a GS and sold that in Jan ahead of the NineT. Like all keen to get my hands on the bike. Go well
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Have you guys in Oz received your VIN's yet?
About 24 hours ago I was told "late March/early April" for delivery in Sydney.

I just received a SMS message from my dealer "BMW will release the R nineT's on 14 March ... they will be in our shop about 3 days later ...for a Saturday release (22nd March).

So that's the latest in Sydney - where the weather at this moment is 32 degrees C (89 F) and the roads are waiting, and I am waiting ....
Great news for you guys. Not long for you now!
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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