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Sydney, Aus

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Hi - A quick g'day and hello. I put my deposit down a few months back [mid Oct I think] and expect to pick up early April, atm. Had a GS and sold that in Jan ahead of the NineT. Like all keen to get my hands on the bike. Go well
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Welcome on board Craig. Enjoy the ride!:D
Have you guys in Oz received your VIN's yet?
Not a word in My neck of the woods.
About 24 hours ago I was told "late March/early April" for delivery in Sydney.

I just received a SMS message from my dealer "BMW will release the R nineT's on 14 March ... they will be in our shop about 3 days later ...for a Saturday release (22nd March).

So that's the latest in Sydney - where the weather at this moment is 32 degrees C (89 F) and the roads are waiting, and I am waiting ....
Yep, similar story in Queensland. After a brief touch of base with the dealer today. And so, the count down begins:) And the temperature up here is very conducive to Nine T riding aswell! 5.45 in the afternoon, and it's 26 deg.:D
The process has been nothing short of frustrating! If not for the forum, We (in Oz) would know diddley squat about the entire release!!! In one vein, the forum has been a God send, in another, it has led to feelings of frustration. This being due to the inconsistence of the amount of information released to different corners of the globe. We're happy to sit and wait, along with everyone else, however a small rant to vent the feelings, may help One to endure. And Gerry, You raise a legitimate question.
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Thanks Craig;)
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