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Sydney Motorcycle Expo 15/11/13 - it's here

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I've seen it and it's every bit as pretty in 3D as you'd expect, if not better.

Debut in Australia at our Motorcycle Expo was a 'pre production' model. No one was allowed on board so I can't vouch for comfort but that's a simple fix if it is a problem. I'm guessing that some buyers over 6 feet (183 cms) will want to re upholster their seat to raise it and thereby get more leg room, especially those intending to tour or go for longer rides. Ditto for pillions.

First impressions from a bloke who's 6 ft tail and spent the last 7 years on a couple of R1200R's, an HP2 Megamoto and 3 x 1200GS's:

1. overall a lot lower and much smaller than expected, bar and seat quite a bit lower than a R1200R, dwarfed by a R1200GS.
2. pillion is going to have her knees up around her ears (stop those thoughts)
3. area behind pillion seat reasonably stout and allows for a small fanny pack or a narrow pillion bag strapped on and extending back beyond pillion seat.

4. very good, on all aluminium sections. The tank is particularly nice.
5. black paint is 'deep' colour and finished on the aluminium tank very well.
6. nice welds.
7. frame looks very strong at major junctions.

7. steering damper very noticeable
6. air intake cover attractive from side on, front on, the snorkel is more obtrusive

I took quite a few photos from different angles than the press photos so readers can make up their own minds but have been unsuccessful in posting them. If someone can tell me 'how to', I'll put them up.

All in all - many sleepless nights ahead waiting.

BMW Rep had 'no idea' about delivery date, quantities in manufacturing run, price apart from "probably a bit less on road that a R1200R spec'd up".

We wait, and wait and ...
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thank you so much for starting this thread.
How exciting. I wish I'd been there with you.
that would be excellent
thank you
great shots
i appreciate that you added them here
1 - 3 of 40 Posts
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