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Agree 100% - at that price, I'm willing to do a work around. Did they give you part numbers? I've been searching for part fiches on the 21's but am not having any luck.

The parts numbers are 46 63 9 444 065 for one side and 46 63 9 444 064 for the other side. It comes with a few bolts and clips and rubber plunger-like things that the covers are supposed to push into on the 2021 model but don't work for earlier models but they help when doing a mod/workaround. I ended up using super-strong velcro and zip ties to mode then and it worked well, they are light and don't need a whole lot to hold them in place, it's more about holding on when doing a hundred not the highway. lol. But really, they are under your legs when riding, so they aren't fighting any wind or anything, so they just need to be secured in place and you are good to go.
181 - 181 of 181 Posts
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