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2021 R nine T
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On June 30th 2021 I (finally) was able to pick up my long awaited R Nine T. The original delivery date was anticipated to be early May, and as many of you know, that was not to be. Global delivery issues caused a bit of a mess for everyone, as well as those of us waiting eagerly for our bike.

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As of today, June 21st 2022, I just rolled her in for her 10000km service. Proud to say, I've loved every single damn kilometer that we've rolled together :)

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When I was dreaming about the bike I had all sorts of ideas of what I would do when I got it. What I would customize, change, upgrade, all know what I mean. This platform allows for all KINDS of changes. I've seen soooo many beautiful bikes from things that look like they're straight out of the future to something rolling out of Mad Max mythology and everything in between. I love that flexibility and the imagination these bikes can inspire.

But the reality for me was much different. When it arrived I was taken aback at just how simply beautiful it was. The multitude of changes I wanted to make immediately just seemed to melt away and I thought "let's start riding, see what works and what doesn't".

What I did change right away (the day I got it) was to strip away the factory mirrors. I've never liked anything about the look. I installed the "CRG Hindsight EXO Lanesplitters" and added the "RhinoMoto R nine T Mirror Mounts".
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My review on both of these is: I love them. The lanesplitters (though not everyone's taste) are excellent. The way they very easily fold if impacted, but don't move a bit in regular riding, wind, pressure washing, etc. The mirror mounts are of excellent quality. They're heavy, single piece machined and wicked to look at. People frequently ask me about them and I'm happy to point them at RhinoMoto.

The journey started with a bit of a 'bang'. In the first week of having the bike I was sitting outside a neighborhood pub having a beverage in the sun, when a (actually quite nice) young lady got in her SUV and backed straight into it. My internal dialogue was "of course". She essentially backed up, more than she needed, as the bike was probably 8ft back from her, rear tire backed toward the curb; pushing the bike up in the air on it's kickstand before noticing and pulling forward letting it rest back down. It was dramatic to see for me, it being brand new and long awaited. I went and talked to her, actually calming Her down as she was quite upset. Information exchanged, and onward. I had a good look and saw some impact points, but nothing broken and nothing leaking. I fired it up and drove it up and down the street a few times to test it out. All seemed functional, but she'd be going in to the shop the next day for the assessment. Ultimately this is what they had to replace (pic below). They deemed it rideable until the parts came in, so I did.
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About 3 days later, as the bike was parked at a curb again, a delivery driver clipped the front tire with the front of his vehicle as he was pulling in to pick up food and Wham, down she went on the same side of the bike. I was a little less patient this time, as he could Very Clearly See the bike and essentially drove straight into it. Both cases I was legally and properly parked, with lot's of space around the bike and other vehicles. I'm a little gun shy on parking on the street ever since. Back to the shop she went, no visible extra damage, parts on order, deemed rideable.

So I did.

The break-in period went by quickly (was done in about 3 weeks) following all the recommended guidelines and in she went for the 1000km service. No further issues found so we were off to the races again. I rode regularly in the city, to and from work, errands, fun rides and ride nights out on the local highways. The first 'major trip' was a 470km (940 round trip) venture off into Saskatchewan to visit some vacationing family. For this trip I put on a small fairing/shield that I'd purchased before I had the bike, to test out how it looked and if it would have any functionality with wind. It's aluminum, and I really like the look of it., but it was useless for wind deflection. I think the only real benefit to it was it kept bugs off of the gauges (and let me tell you, Saskatchewan grasshoppers are No Joke). I bought it off AliExpress, and don't have an exact link, but it was well built and easy to install. I haven't used it since that trip though, because I've come to love the look of her "au naturel".
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A Major note from that trip was that after 5 hours (two stops for fuel/stretch) my butt was absolutely miserable. A couple hours on this seat is fine. A half day is horrific! That's a problem for another day (later in this post). The scenery was amazing. Prairie highways are a lot of fun. I had many chances to run her up a bit and check my comfort level at higher speeds on straightaways for miles. We were getting to know each other nicely and I settled in to the pure joy of this bike.

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Heck, lets hope that's all of your bad luck over for the next 10 years! Great write-up and thanks for posting.
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Had to take it off to take a pic haha!
Keep it coming, such a read, I loved it. Thank you for sharing. Now I’m going to go back and read it again.
I feel like Spock .. my mind is your mind, my thoughts are your thought ! StayUpOn2 …and post and post !
BeWell @mindst0rm ……….Blitz

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Oh yes, since that post I've put another 8000km on it!
That's some wonderful news. It's so encouraging to hear people are getting out there and really enjoying their motorcycles. I never seem to all the time I'd need to ride mine. You should look at why we ride and why an R9T thread and add your story too. I'm excited to see it.
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