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The Road to Quail, Journaling an Original NineT's transformation

Quail the Motorcycle Gathering is back after being postponed for the last few years. -This show holds a special place as motorcycles are where my father and I really bond, so I made it my end goal during a 2015 cross country ride moving from Atlanta to Carmel, CA

Seeing the quality of the bikes, the over the top Revival Fuse Ducati, and the Triple Aught level execution of ARCH Motorcycles, recharged my passion for motorcycles all over again and my NineT is, by far my favorite platform.

Over the last 8 years, we’ve spent 50k+ Miles together traveling through some of the most remote areas of the lower 48.

Tire Sky Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire

I left Quail feeling compelled to build something myself that would (at least on a surface level), be at home on the lawn of the show. So, let the journey begin…

This might seem simple enough, but bikes don’t get to the main lawn simply ordering parts from the catalog.

However, it’s at least a start.

Current state of the bike:
Tire Wheel Land vehicle Fuel tank Vehicle

New jewelry to start off with:
Automotive tire Shipping box Bumper Automotive design Automotive exterior


-BMW Machined Cylinder Heads
-BMW Machined Highlight Bracket
-CNC Breast Plate
-OSHMO 2.0 Filtered Velocity stacks (Sill Incoming, no-one accuses Osh of being fast 😂🙈)
-Full remap - Leaning toward BrenTuning or OSHMO
-IRC Quick Shifter


-PVM Forged Wheels
-Brembo Fully Floating Disks
-Full Sintered Pads (front and back)
-Brembo RCS 19 Master Cylinder

-Brembo RCS Clutch Master
-DOT4 Master Slave Conversion
-Spiegler Black Clutch Line
-MotoCorse Reservoirs
-OSHMO Clip-on Triple Tree with integrated Motogadget Pro
-Lithium Battery
-KRT Framework Snorkel delete

What I’m still sourcing over the next year locally in the Bay Area or other:

-Custom Saddle shop
-3D Metal Printer (I have a plan to re-use the OEM buttons)
-5 axis CNC shop that will do custom 1 offs at a reasonable price.
-Painter… on 2nd thought, DIY might be epic.. I think we are going to have some fun with this.

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Look and sounds like you are off on a quest and the end result should be a jewel. Take lots of pictures.
Can’t wait to see ……………………Blitz
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Update 1: The Tank

Parts have been trickling in, and I spent some time fully stripping back the paint on the tank with the intention of doing a mirrored polish. Holy Mother of... WOW, It is GORGEOUS underneath. The finishing lines give it a raw, authentic feel that screams bespoke. Nearly makes me want to just Cerakote it clear. I am really second guessing my plans for the tank now.

Fun fact, in the first video you can see some yellow in the center. The black aluminum tanks have Bondo like filler down the seam. -I wonder why this did this? Maybe resistance to denting? Also, the sides were first prepped with 3M PPF before being clear coated. Explains how they got the clear coat to stick to raw aluminum.

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Update 2: The Bolt Ons

Started installing the bolt ons and very impressed with the quality of some parts, less with others.

Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive fuel system Vehicle


Items Used:
RCS 16 (clutch), RCS 18 (Brake), MotoCorse Reservoirs, Brembo SuperSport Brake Rotor BMW 320MM , Galfer HH Sintered Front Brake Pads FD475 , Galfer HH Sintered Rear Brake Pads FD186

The Brembo setup has been flawless. I can't believe I lasted on the OEM master cylinders for so long. The Clutch engages instantaneously now (to the point where Im dialing in a little slack) and the brakes feel more confident with a lot more initial bite. With Sintered pads, the Rear brake is actually useable, no longer instantly engaging ABS when using above 15mph.

The MotoCorse Reservoirs do a perfect job providing that high end finish with a low profile look. Which is great because I've always thought rounded plastic reservoirs were too utilitarian and let's be honest, reminded us all of 'specimen' collectors.

Vehicle Automotive tire Motorcycle Motor vehicle Automotive design

Photograph Product Camera accessory Flash photography Cameras & optics

The fully floating rotors took a little time to get used to as they have a slight metallic noise to them when coming to a full stop, but I love the oversized MotoGP brake look.

To install the RCS Clutch, I used the DOT4 o-ring conversion kit from Beringer. -Note, Beringer would have been my first choice, however, parts can take months to get and if I'm ever traveling (I do a lot of this.. Ie. a 600 mile B-road trip right after installing all this for a nice break-in) nearly every super sport bike shop stocks a Brembo or OEM alternative replacement. The USA rep for Beringer was super responsive to all my emails though so 5 star recommendation on their communication front.

Also, as they say, 'the best part is no part', so I like being able to simplify my maintenance cycles with just 1 fluid for the whole master cylinder side of the bike. No more juggling 2 sets of bleeders, worries of cross contamination, etc..
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Items used:
OSHMO Velocity Stacks , J.C R9T Snorkel Delete

While I wait for OSHMO to perfect his Velocity Stack 2.0 with built in air filters (delayed since April), I picked up some 2nd hand OSHMO racing velocity stacks and snorkel delete from from Fernando (you might know him as on here) . The Black anodized finish isnt the best so Im thinking about stripping it off but Im worried it might be too much aluminum. Worst case I paint it satin black to match the engine head. The snorkel delete will be covered in either a single sheet of 3k carbon overlay or painted satin black as well. I plan to also install a basic mesh filter at either the base (where it meets the throttle body) or near the bell like this:
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Automotive lighting Automotive design Motorcycle

Tire Wheel Vehicle Motor vehicle Automotive tire
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